Trust & Safety

Gazatha has developed a safe and trusted platform for our community where project creators and backers can collaborate and bring their projects to life.

Trust & Safety Team

Each campaign project is evaluated by our trust and safety team before it is allowed to go live.  We continuously monitor our systems and use complex algorithms to investigate and identify suspicious activity on projects.

Gazatha reserves the right to suspend or block, with impunity, campaigns, campaign creators or backers found to be in violation of our terms of use.

Community Involvement

Issues or problems raised and brought to our attention by the community are immediately investigated and dealt with. It is of utmost importance to us that our system is deserving of your trust both to submit your campaigns to and for contributors to support projects.


We provide a safe and trusted platform where honest project creators can publish their campaigns and honest backers can support these campaigns.

Project Creators

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Transparency.  As a project creator you have to ensure that you effectively communicate to your backers who you are, what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve this. In your campaign try to address any possible questions and concerns your backers may have. Ensure that you address all questions in the “Comments” section after your campaign goes live. This will not only address the questions your backers have but will confirm that your project was well thought-out and that you are indeed serious and reliable.

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Honesty, Integrity & Good Faith. Communicate both the benefits and challenges that you face. The cornerstone of all crowdfunding initiatives is honesty, integrity and good-faith. Remember that ordinary people generally want to make a positive contribution to the world, they would love to support a cause or project that will make a difference in their or other’s lives. To this end, most cannot afford big monetary gestures, crowdfunding allows them to back something they believe, use this donation for the purpose for which it was intended.

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Trusted Partners. Gazatha is not affiliated to any marketing or PR companies. If you approach any or any approach you with this offer and you are interested in their services, ensure that they are registered and you are clear as to the services they will provide you and what costs you will incur. Gazatha only provides the platform NOT marketing and PR services and is not affiliated to any such company.

Project Backers

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Explore. Read about the campaign creator, view their profile and background.

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Communication. We have ensured that you can easily contact and communicate with the campaign creator through direct messaging as well as fellow contributors via the “Comments” section.

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Security. Safeguards and continuous monitoring are in place to ensure that all information collected online is secure and no unauthorised access is allowed. Gazatha is TRUSTe certified.

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