Organisations spend a lot of money on marketing their brand and on public relations, however little is known of their philanthropic activities (their foundations, social responsibility programmes, outreach programmes and fundraising).

We partner with innovative organisations who are passionate about making a difference in their communities and the world. Your organisation will benefit through the resultant amplified exposure, GREAT PR Exercise!

We offer a new, digitally savvy method of engaging with the public, increasing your organisation’s profile while ensuring that your philanthropic activities/outreach programmes are fulfilled. Your organisation can have its own Partner Page where you post all your projects and where potential donors can select and support projects they believe in. This additional monetary contribution will ensure that your organisation’s projects are sustainable and have active public participation.

Your organisation’s Partner Page can provide comprehensive feedback throughout the lifespan of each project depicting the positive difference the project is making in beneficiaries lives.

Drive Innovation

Link your brand with a worthy cause or outreach programme! Writing a cheque and a press conference is hardly noteworthy in this age of the internet. Crowdfunding is much more powerful, you are sharing your organisation’s values and commitment to the community and enlisting the community’s help in achieving change.


Charities, NGOs & Schools

Innovative and dynamic charities, NGOs (Non-Governmental-Organisations) and schools can use our crowdfunding platform to reach more people and raise more money for their projects.

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