This week the Gallagher Convention Centre is hosting EduWeek 2017, the largest education focused event on the African conference and expo calendar. Gazatha already has a platform that helps social causes raise funds through crowdfunding, so we thought we’d introduce Gazatha to the schools, education professionals and other delegates attending the conference.

The last two days have been very busy… We have had one-on-one meetings with a number of delegates that are already at advanced stages of preparing their next fundraising campaign – we hope we managed to convince them of the merits including crowdfunding in their campaign mix – and the stand has been inundated with people asking about crowdfunding in general and Gazatha in particular.

The event has been very insightful, in part because it highlighted just how much the understanding of the concepts of crowdfunding and the role of a crowdfunding platform are still in their infancy in South Africa. A few people even asked why Gazatha could not create, run and operate the fundraising campaigns for them and then give them the money raised from the public once the campaigns are over. So, while the event has been a great opportunity to show schools, educators and community organisers how a crowdfunding platform such as Gazatha could extend the reach of their existing fundraising efforts, it also enabled us to introduce the concept to many people, particularly delegates from resource starved schools and social organisations.

The EduWeek conference is still ongoing – it comes to an end on Thursday 13th July 2017. We will try to have an update on the state of crowdfunding in our education institutions later, once we have caught our breadth and collated all our insights from the event.


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